“Reel Works for me was a foundation. An upbringing. Once you have a strong foundation, you can go anywhere.”


What Drives Us


Unheard Voices.

A third of NYC youth live in poverty. 1 in 3 have no mentor. A young person’s potential should not be determined by the zip code they were born into.


A Crisis of Inclusion in Media

When only 4% of films are directed by women and 6% by people of color, then young people grow up thinking their stories don’t matter. That they don’t matter.


 Teens + Mentors + Filmmaking + Time = Success


Provide Free Filmmaking Workshops

In schools. Or after school. All our classes are free for NYC youth.


Partner With Educators

Reel Works partners with under-resourced schools to bring our award winning workshops into communities and recruit students to our after school mentoring programs.


Mentor Teens

All Reel Works after school students are paired 1:1 with professional filmmaker mentors to tell their stories and have their voices heard.


Train a Diverse Workforce

We provide technical training, workforce readiness and paid internships to prepare a diverse workforce for NYC’s $8 billion media industry.


Real Impact That Lasts a Lifetime


Join us. Because when you change the storytellers, you change the world.


Ready to help?



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