“Reel Works introduced me to the world of film. It created a space where I could grow artistically and professionally and it instilled in me the confidence to to follow my dreams.”


Reel Futures is a post-secondary program that prepares Reel Works filmmakers for life after high school through college access, workforce readiness training and paid media internships.


Brittany Broderick

Nathael Jean-Louis


Meet Tomorrow’s Storytellers Today.

Reel Works doesn’t just teach filmmaking.  We mentor and train young artists to master a craft and learn about careers in media - one filmmaker at a time.  The result? Over half of our alumni work in film and television.

We know from experience that the lack of diversity in entertainment is not due to lack of available talent, but of opportunity. As a Reel Works partner, you help provide that opportunity.


Reel Works Filmmakers Are…

Ages 16-24

50% Female

95% People of Color

100% Driven


Employee Engagement Opportunities

You can’t be it if you can’t see it. When you open your company’s doors to Reel Works filmmakers, you open young minds to the many careers possible in a media capital of the world. Your employees will love sharing their work with young people who are talented, passionate and eager to learn.


Host A Reel Works Intern

Reel Works Interns Are…

High School/College/Young Adults

Trained in workforce readiness

Matched by age & skill to job requirements

Supported throughout each placement


Reel Works recruits, trains, places and provides mentorship for career bound young New Yorkers through a unique, year-round workforce development program. Join over 35 media and production companies citywide which are helping prepare the next generation of storytellers.

Define the Opportunity

Whether your company has a structured internship program or not, Reel Works will work with hiring managers to create a job description and determine the technical and workforce readiness skills you require in an intern candidate.

Pre-Qualify Interns

We’ll find candidates who fit your needs from among our students and alumni who have completed our industry specific work-readiness trainings in: Professionalism, Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Self Direction.

Meet the Candidates

Reel Works will send you candidates to interview and choose. No obligation. If the match isn’t right, we’ll work with you to find a young person who fits your needs and can benefit most from the placement.

Flexible, Year-Round Placements

We love placing summer internships. But sometimes the best opportunities happen during the colder months. We’ll work with your calendar as well as your staffing needs to provide a reliable source of talented, diverse candidates.

Ongoing Support & Assessment

Reel Works staff will monitor and support each intern to ensure their success and your satisfaction. We’ll check in with hiring managers throughout each placement, which typically lasts about 150 hours. All Reel Works interns participate in workforce readiness trainings throughout each placement. Upon completion, we will solicit feedback to assess outcomes together in hopes of building a long term partnership.

All Internships Are Paid.

No one should have to work for free to get a leg-up in the industry. Most of our students couldn’t afford too, anyway. We ask our partners to pay interns minimum wage. If that’s not possible, we can help with third party support for intern salaries or, if appropriate, college credit.

Industry Liaison Keisha Katz will be delighted to hear from you.



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