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The Summer Lab

The Summer Lab is a free, 4-week writing and filmmaking intensive workshop for teens ages 14-20.

Summer Lab students work with a writing mentor to create original spoken-word poetry and then turn their poems into original short films.

During the course of four intense, exciting weeks, you will have the opportunity to explore the worlds of poetry/spoken word, video production and editing. Combining these elements, the final product will be unique to your own voice and vision – this is your chance to experiment and think outside the box!


The Summer Lab is open to teens aged 14-20. No filmmaking experience is required.

Classes Meet

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 11am-4pm


Application Deadline: The Application Period for Summer 2016 is closed.


Featured Video

Animated Dream
Animated Dream by Nathael Jean Louis

Animated Dream

There are a lot of obstacles in life and many will try to kill your dream.  At times like this it is good to think about what makes you happy in life, and happiness will provide you with enough strength to overcome any obstacles.

Fall 2015 Lab Documentaries


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